Few Tips to Decorate Low Cost Birthday Cakes

When compared to normal cake, personalized birthday cakes are very expensive. Many times bakery shops charge high amount to supply personalized cake. Are you worrying about the cost of cakes. Here are many steps to make your cake more special in an affordable cost.

  1. Purchase a normal cake sheet and also few chocolates, candies and rainbow color sprinkles. By using the above things you can decorate your normal cake into a special cake. Especially the rainbow sprinkles give special attraction for the cake.
  2. Take strawberry or chocolate syrup and perform icing of this syrup on the normal cake. They will add a beautiful look to your cake.
  3. Place the candies and other things across the corners of the cake.
  4. If you have toys or modeling shapes, then place these things in the middle of the cake. Here you can choose toy or any model shape that matches your theme.
  5. You can also choose real fruits like banana, apple, strawberry and grapes flavor for your cake.
  6. Take small balls in different colors and place them on the cake, to enhance your cake look.
  7. Purchase edible candles from nearest store. They are inexpensive means to light up and adorn a cake.

By following the above tips, you can decorate even a low cost birthday cake effectively.