Important Tips for Using a Water Barrel

Water barrels are also known as rain barrels are a great way to store the rain water. Rain barrels are available in different shapes, styles, and colors to suit most water storage needs. Installing water barrel is easy and they also protect the local rivers and streams by storing the rain water.

Here are the few tips to use the water barrel effectively and efficiently:

  • It is better to choose the large sized rain barrel if you are living in an area with heavy rain fall.
  • Rain barrel should have a small lid at the local rivers and streams to prevent the children and animals from climbing into the barrel and drown.
  • This cover should have a tightly fixed meshed screen, to keep mosquitoes from breeding in the water.
  • Build an elevated, sturdy base to ensure that the barrel stands high as the rain barrels do not use pumping systems and they work purely on gravity.
  • Water barrel should be placed near the gutter’s downspout and kept 3 inches between the end of the spout and the top of the barrel, so you can clean the barrel easily.
  • Install the rain chains to reduce the amount of noise produced when rain falls from the spout to the barrel.
  • Overflowing water barrel which is close to the house can damage the foundations of the house, so in the heavy rain fall conditions attach an open hose to rain barrel and point that hose away from the foundation of house.
  • Check the barrel regularly and ensure that the hoses are still connected and also check inside of the barrel, make sure the lid snaps shut tight.

With the above tips, one can make sure that the water barrels are used correctly.