Know How to Start a Babysitting Co-op?

Getting a good babysitter for the child includes high risk for the parents. In order to avoid such difficulty and also to save money on babysitters, it is better to set up a babysitting co-op. A babysitting co-operative is a group of people gathering to help themselves in babysitting the others’ children when needed. However, there are some rules and regulations to be followed for organizing a babysitting co-op. Read on further to know how to start it.

  • Take an initiative and ask your friends and other neighboring parents if they are interested in involving in a babysitting co-op. You child’s playschool, your playgroup, church and so on are the best places to find good people.
  • Discuss the number of people to be included in the team.
  • Decide and create rules for babysitting. Some people arrange babysitting by payment. Some people create points for a certain time period for babysitting. Some people provide cards worth certain hours for babysitting the other kids.
  • It is better to arrange a secretary to note the timings and points of babysitting.
  • Create rules for the operation of booking process.
  • Arrange regular meetings for introducing the other people who wish to join the cooperative. Arranging the meeting at one of the members house or in a park can be good.
  • Also talk about the policies regarding the picking up and dropping of the children for babysitting.
  • Make a note of names, telephone numbers, contact addresses, and e-mail addresses of all the members.
  • Start babysitting and enjoy your own work.

Did you get an idea now on how to start the babysitting cooperative? Then start finding your friends and conduct meetings. Enjoy with your children in a babysit.