Ways to Keep Nanny from Quitting

A nanny is the person who takes care of your child at your home in your presence or absence. Some nannies live with the host family and some do not. There are some instances where a family frequently changes nannies. However, there are also some families who retain their nannies for about 5 or 6 years. Some situations at home may cause the nanny to quit. It is your own responsibility to keep the nanny from quitting.

  • Good communication is the most important requirement to maintain proper relation with the nanny. All the roles and responsibilities should be clearly mentioned to her at the time of hiring. Ensure that there are no misunderstandings between you and the nanny. Gently find the reason for her quitting. Let her explain the reasons and avoid being defensive of your children.
  • Also check if there are any disciplinary problems with your children. The nanny might be vexed with the misbehavior of your kids. Whenever possible get such details from your nanny and implement required and corrective actions for your children.
  • Some people treat the nanny cheap and do not provide appropriate wages. This may also distress her. If she wants to quit for this reason, make sure that you increase the wage and promise her to give it at the right time without delay.
  • Sometimes you may assign too much work that is unrelated to her job work. Avoid assigning too much household activities and others that strain her. If you want her to do all such things, mention her at the time of hiring and pay extra wage.

If a nanny quits your home, she can get into the work somewhere else. However, remember that it is your need to have a nanny. If you neglect this issue, it is you who has to suffer in finding a new right nanny again. So try to behave in a good way so that you do not fall in this situation.