Glow Sticks Helpful for Scuba Divers

It is known that glow sticks are used at night parties for added enjoyment and fun. Lighting up yourself and even the venue gives elegance to the party in dark. It is known for all of us. However, in addition to the recreational purposes, glow sticks also have several functional uses. One of the best example for its functional use is in scuba diving.

Scuba divers need to explore wonders in deep waters. It is exciting and also adventurous. The natural rays of the sun do not penetrate through the deep water. In addition, scuba diving at night is also difficult. Therefore, specific light sources are used by scuba divers. Many artificial light systems are found to be used by them for a long time. However, glow products like glow sticks have been preferably used by them.

They can catch a glow stick in their hand while looking for adventurous things in water. Glow sticks are even attached to their tanks. In group diving, unique colored glow sticks can be given to each diver in order to facilitate coordination and communication. Sometimes, the master diver is given one color and the others are given another color. The divers can even wear specific colored glow necklaces and bracelets for identification.

Glow sticks are strong, tough and also durable. They emit light for at least 12 hours. They are so easy to handle because of their simple design. The other important feature of glow sticks is that they are water-proof. They can also offer lighting for on-deck emergency situations. Hence, they are the best tools for lighting for scuba divers.