Know about Glow Sticks and their Benefits

Glow sticks are the novelty items which are commonly seen in parties, night clubs, recreational events, and other celebrations. Glow sticks are made of plastic tubes that contain a glass vial. The plastic tubes contain two different chemicals which are separated by the glass vial. When you bend the plastic tube, the glass vial breaks and combines the two chemicals. A chemical reaction between them creates a glow and this is termed as chemiluminescence. Some fluorescent dyes are added in the tubes to give a colored glow.

Kids and teens are more interested to use glow sticks, glow bracelets, glow necklaces, glow rings, and so on at night parties. They not only add fun, but also have some advantages. When you wear colored glow necklaces and bracelets, you can easily identify your friends at the parties in dark. Glow sticks are even used at emergency situations like blackouts and car breakdowns. They are much helpful on occurrence of natural disasters.

Glow sticks even provide you safety when you go out for jogging or cycling under twilight. Wearing a glow necklace or holding a glow stick in your hand can make you visible to other vehicle drivers on the road. They are very cheap and you can even save much money by purchasing them in bulk. Also, glow sticks do not require any recharging batteries. So when you go for camping, purchasing a bunch of glow sticks can be much helpful.

The other benefit of glow sticks is that they are light in weight and easy to handle. They are, hence, beneficial to use in emergency situations, in diving, and other military operations. It is also safe to use glow sticks and can even be used by kids. So, purchase colorful glow sticks the next time you plan for a party or a night game or a summer night camp and enjoy.