Tips to Accessorize a Business Suit for Women

Women business suits are the dresses worn by the women to get a professional and attractive look. Many women are unsure what accessories are appropriate to wear with a business suit. Business suits can be accessorized with pieces that are simple and classic. Below are some of the accessories that are essential for any woman who wears a business suit.

Wearing a watch is the best option to know the time at the workplace. It is better to choose a classic style watch in stainless steel, silver or gold with a leather or metal band. Avoid bright colors and plastic watch bands.

Silk Scarf:
A scarf is a chic accessory that will add a little flavor to the business suit and these scarfs are available in various colors and different patterns.

Pearl Earrings:
Pearl earrings show a touch of class, sophistication and femininity. It is good to choose pearl stud earrings or simple drop earrings for a business suit. Avoid bangle bracelets and chunky style jewelry in a corporate atmosphere.

When wearing skirts it is better to wear a pantyhose and choose nude hose with most outfits. Black tights are also sometimes can be worn in the wintertime, particularly with dark tweed or wool suits. Pantyhose are an inexpensive fashion accessory.

Black Pumps:
It is good to choose a pair of shoe which are made up of leather and which are in black color to pair with a business suit. Look for a heel that is 1 1/2 to 3 inches high. Anything shorter may make your legs look stumpy.

When wearing a business suit, it is more suitable to carry a briefcase than regular handbag. The briefcase should be brown or black in color and should be made up of leather and big enough to carry all the office essentials, including a calendar, notepad, pens, makeup bag. etc.

Business attire when accessorized rightly, gives the positive impression, apart from completing the look.