Tips To Increase Hotel Decoration

Guests comes to the hotel for relaxation and the hotel owner should provide them the luxuries they need. Decorating the hotel room in an attractive way is one of the way to provide satisfaction for the customers and it also gives rich look for the hotel. Here are the some tips to increase the attractiveness of the hotel with the help of decoration:

  • Choose pale colors such as French vanilla, shell pink and coral for bedrooms with lots of natural light and for the rooms which have limited light, choose medium toned colors such as putty, taupe, and mushroom.
  • Purchase good quality of towels, sheets and bathrobes as they come in close contact with the body. White launders well and always looks fresh and clean.
  • Provide each side of the bed with an independent light.
  • In a bath room incorporate body lotion, scented candle, or fragrant drawer liners.
  • In guest bedrooms it is better to provide each sleeper with a conveniently located night table and bedside storage.
  • It is better always to open draperies which allows the natural sun light in to the hotel room and which is good for health.
  • The materials used in hotel rooms like bed sheets, curtains, blankets should match the color on the walls.
  • Fresh flower and greenery arrangement adds decoration to the rooms.
  • Cover the walls with artwork, accessories, and collectibles which gives attraction to the hotel rooms.

By following the above simple tips the hotel management can increase the decoration in the hotel and make the guests attracted.