Know About Storage Tips for Hotel Linen

It is necessary for hotel to take care while selecting linen. Customers get attracted to the type of linen provided and also by the presentation of the linen. Hotel towels, bedsheets, pillows and other items included in a linen can be presented in such a way that customers feel good about the hotel. In addition, proper maintenance of linen is also a necessary step for housekeeping staff of hotels. Hotel linen of different types are used based on the environment and season. For example, different models and textile materials are used for hotel bedding in summer and winter seasons.

Proper maintenance should be done in order to store the linen for further use. The linen should be clean and wrinkle free. Care should be taken that they are folded and stored properly without damages. Some storage tips can be followed by hotels to maintain the linen.

Linen should be washed carefully. One should be sure that dirt and stains are removed totally. Some hotels make use of chemical detergents that include toxic solvents and petroleum based surfactants. This may result in some allergic reactions. So some hotels make use of biodegradable natural products called herbatergents for washing. They are hypoallergenic and can also provide good smell to the linen.

Linen should be removed from the dryers while they are still warm. This can help in avoiding the wrinkle formation on them. The storage place for linen should be dry, clean, dark and cool. Linens are to be stored in bags in an organized way. Proper labeling of the bags help to find the linen easily for later use. Linens should be rotated from time to time for at least six months. These tips can be followed to store the linens at good state and allowed for further use.