Tips for Choosing a Container for your Indoor Home Garden

Fairy HousesIn urban places it is very difficult to find space for gardening in yards. Indoor home gardening is the best way to enjoy gardening these days. Among many ways of indoor gardening, container gardening is one which allows growing different varieties of plants.

Different types of containers like plastic pots, wooden containers, terracota pots, and ceramic containers can be used for indoor plants. The plastic ones are used most commonly and are also cheap. They are suitable for short term planting as they may be cracked when exposed to too much of the elements. To avoid this, you can use wooden containers which are much durable. They are also attractive and can be made in different ways. You can also use terracotta pots that are available in simple and elaborate designs. Ceramic pots serve the purpose of decoration in addition to the container gardening. You can place ceramic containers at various corners of your house. Before choosing any type of container, it is better to consider and follow certain guidelines. Some of them are listed here.

  • Ensure that the size of the container is larger so that it provides place for the plant to grow. If you use small pots, the root area of the plant is restricted and this may dry up the plant.
  • Determine the size of the container by considering the number and size of the plants to be grown.
  • You should not choose miniature housescontainers having narrow openings.
  • Consider the quality of plastic pots used. This is because cheaper plastic pots are deteriorated in UV light.
  • Generally wooden containers are susceptible to rot. Hence, choose cedar and redwood which are relatively more resistant to rot. They are preferable as they do not need painting or staining.
  • Opt for wooden containers as they can be made to different sizes and shapes in order to best suit for the location.
  • In order to avoid uneven root growth and to reduce the heat absorption, choose light-colored containers in hot climates.
  • When you select clay pots, you need to monitor the loss of moisture. This is because the clay is porous and hence much water is lost from the sides of the container.

These are some of the tips to be kept in mind when selecting a container for your indoor garden. They help you to provide a way for enhancing the look of the plants and also add longevity.