Know Some Tips for Recycling Old Hotel Linen

A hotel having a large number of rooms require many bed sheets, towels, and other linen. Different models of bed sheets and pillow cases are purchased from bed linen suppliers. Purchase of wholesale linen includes buying different types of linen in bulk. All these have to be maintained properly. However, these have to be replaced eventually. Recycling old hotel linen can be done in three ways. They include personal use transformations, secondary market sales and charitable donations.

Personal Use:
Old hotel linens can be used for personal or institutional use. Old bed-sheets can be joined together by stitching them. They can be used for dressing up windows. Older towels, bed sheets, window treatments, and other comforters can be used for making pillowcases. You can use old blankets and sheets instead of newspapers for storing and packing valuables. You can also make aprons from the linen sheets for use in restaurants.

Secondary Market Sales:
Used hotel linens are sold by many market sellers. After-market sellers purchase used linen from hotels and resell them for customers. People who look for an inexpensive purchase option generally buy these items. Bed sheets and towels with high thread count and quality are purchased by these second-hand dealers.

Charitable Donations:
Hotel can donate the used and old linens for charitable trusts. They can be provided to needy people at orphanages, old age homes and other institutions. They can also be donated for animal shelters and veterinary hospitals. Cages of animals can be lined with used hotel towels and bed sheets.

These are some of the ways for recycling old hotel linen. Thus, old linen can be used for some other purposes instead of disposing.