Tips for Starting and Maintaining Apartment Garden

Fairy housesThe apartment gardening is useful for relaxation and it also used to decorate the home, it may also be used to grow plants which gives eatable fruits and the vegetables. The main concern for the apartment gardening is the location, as it is possible to start planting in any amount of space available.

For growing a balcony garden the containers should be equipped with drainage hole, they should be kept in a place where sunlight is available for maximum time and the soil used in the containers should be a potting soil, as the ground soil do not provide enough nutrients required for the plants. Below are some of the plants which can be raised in the container garden:

Ivy Geraniums:
These plants are beautiful and the foliage is a very attractive feature. These can be grown in larger containers.

Most of the flowers require adequate sun light, hence the containers should be kept in place where the sunlight can peep in. As the flowers quickly drown, the containers used for the flowers should have perfect drainage system.

Tomatoes need sunlight and occasional watering, they can be easily grown in containers and they provide vegetables for cooking.

Herbs can be grown from the seed or plant, they need six hours of sunlight. The renters can grow herbs such as dill, parsley, basil and mint.

Bonsai plants are perfectly suitable for indoor gardening as they do not grow taller and they can be raised in the containers.

The above are the few plants which are used in apartment gardening. Many other techniques for gardening can be applied, so as to give a fresh feeling to your apartment.