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Archive for March, 2011

  • 03.31.11Add a Garden Gym to your Home

    In our busy lifestyle, these days the time we spend for our leisure activities is decreasing. Once you return home from your work, you really feel it difficult to travel again to a gym. Going out for such outdoor activities may also depend on the weather conditions. In stead of struggling for these things, it […]

  • 03.30.11Enhance your Garden by a Wooden Summerhouse

    These days people are opting to use outdoor space such as gardens as indoor ones. Building a summerhouse is one way of converting the outdoor garden into living space. A summerhouse is a building or a room of relaxation in warm weather. However, it can be used for various purposes. Constructing a wooden summerhouse can […]

  • 03.29.11Tips for Starting and Maintaining Apartment Garden

    The apartment gardening is useful for relaxation and it also used to decorate the home, it may also be used to grow plants which gives eatable fruits and the vegetables. The main concern for the apartment gardening is the location, as it is possible to start planting in any amount of space available. For growing […]

  • 03.29.11Know About a Garden Studio

    If you wish to make use of your extra space of your garden, then erecting a garden studio is the best practical solution. A garden studio is the place where you can work or relax. You can use this studio for different purposes like a play room, garden office, a music room, a library or […]

  • 03.29.11Tips to Increase the Attractiveness of the Electric Fireplace

    The main advantage of the electric fireplace is that it provides warmth and at the same time protects the home from the danger of real flames. Here are some of the tips to increase the attractiveness of the fireplace. Logs The purpose of the logs is to create the ambiance of a natural fire and […]