Tips For Increasing Performance And Maintenance Of The Air Purifier

Centrifugal FanAir purifiers filters the air borne particles present in the air such as mold, bacteria, viruses, dust, cigarette smoke, pollen and many others and protects the asthma and allergy sufferers from further infection by improving the indoor air quality. Here are some of the tips to increase the performance of the purifiers and to maintain the purifiers:

  • Buy an air purifiers in such a way that its size fits the space available and make sure that it is placed correctly.
  • Follow the cleaning and maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer of the purifying filter.
  • Regular cleaning or filter replacement is required for the filters that run using the filters.
  • The effectiveness of air purifiers increases with efficient cleaning method used in a device and the size of an air filter.
  • The electrostatic air cleaners contain plates which requires regular washing to improve the performance.
  • Regular cleaning and replacement of filters helps in increased air cleansing, machine efficiency, reduced noise levels, and a longer lifespan of the main filters.
  • Regular maintenance of the systems keeps the purifier in top condition and keeps the overall costs down.
  • The another important part that needs to be maintained is the fan in the filters, which is responsible for the noise, if not maintained in good condition.
  • Carbon filters is composed of activated carbon and work by trapping or adsorbing the chemicals and odors from the air. The activated filter is the component of an air purifier that adsorbs chemicals and odors. The bigger and thicker the filter, the better is the way in which the air will be cleaned of chemical or odorous pollutants.

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