How to Make a Teen Avoid Drugs?

Many people, especially during teenage get addicted to the drugs. The parents are worried of their children regarding it. There are certain signs or indications that parents can observe from the behavior of the children. Loss of interest in family activities; verbally or physically abusive; constant excuses for behavior; loss of interest in learning; disrespect for family rules; withdrawal from responsibilities and so on. The parents must be aware of the terms, teens generally talk about marijuana. According to a study called the Partnership for a Drug-Free America Attitude Tracking Study, about two-thirds of the youth between ages 13 and 17 said that they do not use marijuana fearing loss of respect from their parents.

Parents should also know the information regarding the drug and advise their children about its harmful effects. Several websites are available, one of which is, that gives the information of the drug abuse. However, it is also the duty of the teen to get to know and act appropriately.