How can Employers Prevent Employment Discrimination?

Employment discrimination is bad both for employees as well as employers. It is necessary for the employers to take certain measures in order to avoid employment discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. When an employee files a case against the employer, charges for the EEOC and law suits are to be provided by the employers. So even to reduce these costs, employment discrimination should be prevented. Here are some guidelines that employers can follow for a safe and disciplined workplace environment.

  • Strict policies and practices have to be implemented to make sure that any kind of employment discrimination is unacceptable at workplace.
  • Managers of the company have to be trained to recognize any issues related to discrimination. The policies of the companies regarding the details of discrimination, harassment, bullying, retaliation are to be made sure.
  • Employees should also be trained on the circumstances of discrimination at workplace.
  • Cultural expectations and norms are to be established by the employers. A safe workplace environment without discrimination is to be made integral in employee job description, performance evaluation, and review.
  • A quick, professional and confidential response is to be given when a complaint of discrimination is received from the employees.
  • Avoid considering gender, race, nationality, age and so on while hiring an employee when he or she has appropriate skills and qualifications required for the job.

It is helpful to some extent to avoid discrimination cases at workplaces when you follow these guidelines.