Night Fishing Tips You Need to Know

Night fishing is the favorable option for most of the fishing enthusiasts. Night fishing is very much filled with fun and is also very productive. Night fishing is usually done from 1.00 a.m till 30 minutes before the sun rise. As fishing during night is little risky, there are few tips, which will ensure safe and enjoyable fishing experience.

Safety: The foremost thing to be considered while fishing at night is safety. In order to have a safe fishing experience, few measures are to be taken like, carrying a first aid box, head lights, bug sprays, net, etc. Apart from this, one should be aware of his surroundings as to know where they are heading to.

Weather: weather is an important consideration for night fishing. Stormy weathers are not suitable for night fishing. It is important to have a radio in the boat in order to have weather updates. Warm clothes, rain gear have also be carried.

Equipment: It is advised to carry minimum fishing equipment while night fishing. Rods, tackle boxes, coolers, etc. are not to be carried. Only carry the tackle which is suited for your targeted fish. It is good to carry plastic baits, instead of a box of minnows. And only one or two rods and reels have to be carried.

Fishing lights: Carry at least one submersible light in order to increase the productivity of fishing. It is found that during nights, mostly large fishes are found to swim under the surface of the water. A green fishing light is recommended as, it attracts more fishes.

The above are the few tips for enhancing the experience of fishing during nights.