How are Glow Bracelets Used?

Various forms of glow stick are available these days which are used by kids as well as adults. Glow necklaces and glow bracelets are some of them which give fun at parties. People are thrilled to wear glow bracelets of different colors.

Glow bracelets are generally 8 inch long. Two different types of glow bracelets are available. The first type includes phosphor compound which absorbs and then briefly radiates light. The other type includes a plastic stick which contains two chemicals. These chemicals when combined form a reaction to provide light. Different colors of bracelets like pink, green, orange, yellow, blue, red, white and purple are available.

Different styles of glow bracelets can be used. Kids love and feel excited to wear glow bracelets. They are safe to use and hence parents also allow their children to wear glow bracelets. Also, at night parties it is easy for them to identify their kids. Glow bracelets can thus be a safety option for their children. They are worn by youth as a fashion trend for parties. They provide a perfect complement to their outfit. Glow bracelets are also used by players at night games. Players of two teams wear two distinct colored glow bracelets for easy identification.

Glow bracelets can also be worn while traveling at night times. They are also helpful at emergency situations.