Preventing Teenage Smoking by Home Nicotine Testing

Teenage people are more easily addicted to nicotine smoking. This may be due to peer pressure or any other reason. Symptoms of smoking nicotine among youth are to be detected by parents. Long-term addiction of youth to nicotine causes many health problems including heart and lung problems at teenage or other stages of life. Poor academic performance, depression, suicide attempts and other mental health problems may arise among smoking teens. So nicotine testing should be conducted at home for checking if they are addicted to smoking. Home drug test kits can be used for this purpose.

Home nicotine testing can be conducted by urine, saliva, or hair samples. Simple and inexpensive urine test kits are most commonly used by parents. Kits used for nicotine drug test are available in many forms such as cups and strips. They provide accurate and reliable results. Urine drug test kits check for the presence of cotinine, a metabolite of nicotine, in the sample. Parents should take care that the sample is not adulterated by children.

Quick, accurate and reliable results are provided by these kits. Home nicotine testing is used for preliminary checking of nicotine addiction. In order to get confirmed results, one can send the sample for laboratory analysis.

Home nicotine testing in children may prevent them from further addiction. Parents feel it easy to check for proper maintenance of teen health. Smoking preventing programs can also be conducted at schools to educate them about dangerous effects of nicotine. Regular home nicotine testing can make children completely avoid nicotine consumption. This may help in improving learning as well as social behavior of teens.