Know About Electric Fireplace Insert And Its Benefits

A fireplace insert is a stove which is fitted in to the electric fireplace which makes them highly efficient. Fireplace inserts are generally made out of cast iron or plate steel with glass doors so that the flames can be seen. The electric fireplace inserts are available in various attractive designs with brass, chrome or black accents. Different models of electric fireplace inserts produce heat, around 4200-5000 BTU.

Venting system is not required in a modern electric fireplace insert, hence they are portable. The flames of a quality modern electric fireplace insert may resemble the realistic flames of wood burning stove. Electric fireplace inserts with blower attachments distributes the heat generated by the electric fire to the entire room. There are also special electric inserts that have filters or air treatment systems to clean the air of dust and particles. Some inserts will have doors made of safe glass and that glass does not get hot, it acts as a safety measure for children.

Wood burning fireplace can be added with an electric fireplace insert that resembles burning wood logs and one can make the home in to a beautiful, inexpensive, hassle free place of warmth and character.


  • A homeowners can utilize the existing fireplace structure in a most cost effective way by adding an electric insert in to it, as electric inserts are easy to maintain and extremely affordable.
  • With an electric fireplace insert, one can enjoy the visual benefits, as electric component provides a glowing effect without release of heat.
  • Another advantage is that electric fireplace inserts are portable and it can be moved from one place to other.
  • In electric inserts burning will not take place, so there is no need to clean the insert.

The above are some of the benefits provided by electric fireplace insert.