Learn Some Tips of Yoga Teaching

Yoga teacher training is given in order to provide proper knowledge about yoga. Yoga teaching certification is given for people who are trained with yoga. Such people can teach yoga to other individuals. However, apart from the things about yoga, a yoga teacher can follow some tips to make their job easier.

  • It is important to make the students understand the value of long-term training of yoga. Students who come for classes may or may not have yoga experience. It is the responsibility of the teacher to see that they know about it and explain it in the terms they understand.
  • Benefits of specific yoga postures and breathing exercises has to be explained in detail. Students get motivated by knowing the facts of how body gets affected by doing specific exercise.
  • The alignment details of each posture should be explained slowly to the students. Its effects and benefits should be made understood by the students.
  • A posture or a pose should be explained in a step by step procedure. This helps in avoiding the doubts of people.
  • Mirroring the postures can be done while demonstration. Postures can be repeated twice or thrice for making sure that they do a proper posture.
  • The teacher should move around the room while the practice is going on. Any error in the posture of a person can be identified and rectified.
  • As breathing is an important component in yoga, its significance should be explained. Care should be taken that proper breathing is done by each and every student during postures and also while performing exercises.
  • Encouraging students by saying that they are doing very well improves their mindset.

Following these tips may help a yoga instructor to see that proper teaching is given to the students.