Home Drug Test Kits Used by Parents

Drug test kits which help in detecting the presence of a particular drug are being used by many organizations. Home drug testing kits are the more popular kits that have been used by parents. Many parents want to check if their children are abused to illegal drugs. This worry is lessened by use of home drug test kits.

Many reasons may be there for the use of home drug test kits. Parents might suspect the child for consuming illegal drugs. The suspicion may be due to change in appearance, behavior, or attitude of children. Sometimes home drug tests may be conducted as a preventive measure. Sometimes when the children are held of drug abuse at school or some other place, preventive measures have to be taken to avoid the habit of using drugs. Conducting home drug tests frequently may also help in this process. Thus home drug test kits are very much helpful for parents.

A drug test kit is designed in such a way that it is easy to handle at home. Many companies are involved in offering drug test kits of various kinds. Breath tests, urine tests, and saliva tests can be conducted through home drug test kits. Certain kits are also available which use hair and blood samples for test. However, a laboratory is required for screening the results of blood and hair tests.

When the sample is kept on the kit, a reaction occurs between the concerned drug or its metabolites and the antigens or reagents coated on the kit. This results in a change in color indicating the positive or negative result. The drug test kits are very accurate in their results. However, in order to know the exact level of drug present in the body of an individual, a laboratory analysis has to be done.

Certain disadvantages also arise by the use of home drug test kits. Sometimes false positives may arise. As the test is conducted at home itself, the test can be cheated. Time limits for testing is also an important concern of home drug test kits. This means that checking for the drug occasionally at home is not a good thing because by the time you conduct the test, the drug may leave the system. Hence test should be conducted periodically at certain intervals of time.