Employee Marijuana Testing

A major concern in the society these days is marijuana abuse. The drug has its effect on daily lives of its users. Also the performance of employee is affected by marijuana usage. This results in increasing costs of company. Some of the effects of marijuana usage include accidents, employee absenteeism, and theft. These are considered as the most glaring negative effects of marijuana usage at workplace. THC drug test is conducted by many organizations in order to find marijuana abused people.

Employees who are under marijuana usage are mostly found to have psychological issues; alcohol and other drug related problems; and criminal records. Negative attitude is found among the employees consuming marijuana. This in turn have a negative affect on the performance of their daily tasks. This also results in forming a negative behavior at workplace. An employee must put some physical as well as mental efforts for his work to be done. But as marijuana abused people have distraction in physical and mental conditions, it may lead to low productivity.

Employers do not take a chance if their employees are under illegal drug consumption. Workplace injury or any legal ramifications of accidents due to drug abused employees results in high costs for employers. Hence THC drug testing has to be conducted among employees to prevent such problems. Conducting a test for marijuana before hiring an employee itself may reduce the costs of a company. Random drug testing is performed by many organizations. This helps in finding marijuana using people suddenly at the workplace. The drug can be tested from seven to thirty days after it is consumed. However, it may vary based on the sample that is taken for conducting test.

When a marijuana test is conducted and a person is found positive in an organization, the company has right to fire the employee or suspend the employee from the company. Some organizations may also provide rehabilitation and treatment programs.