Know About Demand and Batch Modes of Barcode Label Printing

Barcode label printing is done many industries by the use of Zebra printers, Wasp printers, SATO printers and many others. However, there is one important thing that has to be considered while barcode label printing. Sometimes it is considered that the speed of printing process is not that important. The main restraint is the time elapsed between when the information is available for printing and when the label is ready for use. The requirement for barcode label printing can be divided into two types including batch and demand modes. The classification is done on the basis of when the information is available for printing the label relative to the time in which it is printed.

Batch Printing:
Sometimes it is known in far advance that the data has to be printed on the label. Batch mode of printing is done at such instances. A barcode printer is then used to continue producing the labels in large amounts. But this mode has some disadvantages. When a single label is lost in serialized label, it would lead to drastic consequences. The batch mode of printing is done in two ways. These are On-site and Off-site printing.

On-site printing is done at the time near the point of use. Direct thermal, thermal transfer, dot matrix impact, ink jet, and laser are some of the technologies that are used for label printing. As the order for printing is mentioned only a few hours before use, the printing should be done faster. Based on the number of labels to be produced, speed of barcode printer should be maintained.

Off-site printing is nothing but printing the labels when the information required is known weeks or days in advance. Most specialty labels can be printed by this mode of printing. It is considered as a cost-effective method of barcode label printing.

Demand Printing:
Printing the labels at the point of use is called as demand printing. A pre-determined format with variable data sections has to be available for this type of label printing. Data from the system is accepted and a label is produced with unique data for a particular article. As the printing is done on the spot, a barcode printer should meet special requirements. These include speed, presentation of label and the media.