Few Tips to Store Bed Linen

It is necessary to store the bed linens in proper way. Or else they get wrinkles. Generally wholesale linen can be purchased by hotel authorities in order to provide a proper bedding in hotel room. There are some tips to store the bed lines, such as:

  • Bed linens are stored in dark and dry places like linen closet or dresser drawer in order to keep them clean. They are stored away from direct sunlight, especially, which fabrics with fine linen. Fabric fibers can be faded and broken down by the sunlight.
  • You can wash, dry and store bed linens, while using they are rotated.
  • Take the bed linens immediately out of the dryer after washing them in order to prevent the wrinkles. When you take out the linens, if you still found them cool, put them back in the dryer for some more minutes.
  • Allow your bed linens completely dry, when you want to store them. Fold them in small size and store them.
  • If you want to use only some bed linens then keep and store them in a contractor’s trash bags.
  • Place some dryer softener sheets between the linens, while you keep them into the bag. It helps to get some fresh smell.
  • After the linens are placed in the bag, fold the bag over itself, in order keep it airtight. You can close any openings with the help of the duct tape. It help to keep the bag away from dust and moisture.
  • If you use the linens regularly, then store them in linen closets or a cupboards.
  • While storing them, use herbal moth repellents to save them from getting damaged.
  • The important thing is if you fold the linens for longer time, they get cut at the folds, so it is better to use the bed linens frequently.

Hotel towels and other bedsheets are also stored in the same way in order to keep them clean and neat.