Tips to Purchase Right Air Purifier

Air purifier can purify the air in a house or room. You can find many product reviews for purifiers, which are available in the market. But the important thing is choosing a quality air purifier, which can make a huge difference in the pollution levels of air. Whether air purifiers are beneficial or not to indoor air depends on the how and when they are used.

Generally most of the people search for products only when they have immediate need, and they purchase them without having any knowledge about the benefits and dangers of products. There are some tips to follow while purchasing the air purifier.

  • When you purchase the air purifier, consider the “ True HEPA” filtration. Generally manufacturers sell their products by using the statements as “HEPA Type” and they also mention it on the packaging. The true “HEPA” is an efficient filter, which can remove the air pollutants in home. But you need to check whether such true HEPA filtration is used or not.
  • When you purchase air purifier, you need to consider the operating cost of it. You should find out how often each filter of the purifier needs to replaced. And calculate your cost per year according to the frequency of replacement of filter. If the cost of the replacing of the filter for five years is more than actual cost of the product, then it is better to leave it. The minimum years should be 10.
  • Purchase from an established manufacturer.
  • Generally most of the air purifiers remove particles from air. But find out whether they remove chemicals or odors.

These are the tips to follow, while you purchase an air purifier. These tips may help you to purchase the best air purifier.