Methods to Conduct Marijuana Drug Test at Home

Marijuana is a commonly abused illegal drug, which has many negative effects on brain and body. THC, the main ingredient of the marijuana, can cause the user to have a high due to which decision making skills, focus and determination of user will become worse.

Many people like teenagers, employees, sports players and others are taking marijuana without being aware of the negative effects of the marijuana abuse. In order to check this, many organizations and schools today are opting for drug tests. Parents can also conduct the drug test at home, to know whether their children are taking drugs and alcohol.

Marijuana drug test can detect the marijuana presence in the body. There are many types of marijuana drug testing kits, which are available in the market. Marijuana drug testing can be done even at home, by using these kits. There are different methods to conduct the marijuana drug test at home, such as:

  • Urine test: There are urine drug test kits, in which urine is taken as sample for drug test. The presence of marijuana can be detected by these kits.
  • Saliva-drug-test: Saliva drug test kits checks the presence of the marijuana by using specimen of the saliva.
  • Hair test: Hair test kits can detect the marijuana in the body by taking a sample of hair.

These are the different methods which are used at home, in order to find the presence of marijuana.