What is difference between Genuine Dental Equipment and Gray Market Products

It is important to know the difference between the genuine dental equipment and gray market industry. Generally some of the practitioners are tempted to search for the products in the gray market.

Products which come from the gray market industry do not have ISO standards and warranty. If this product fails, you not have the chance to replace it. If any one starts his or her own practice then it is better to purchase the genuine equipments.

The main difference is the price and quality of the genuine dental equipments and products in gray market. Genuine dental equipments come with highest standards and good quality and they last for longer time.

Purchasing the products from the gray market is definitely not advantageous to the dealer and dentist as well. If such products fail in work, then dentists can return them to the dealer. Make sure that your distributor is selling legitimate dental equipment. It is better for the dentists to ask the dealers, where they purchased their products in order to prevent purchasing the gray market products. Dentists can go for authorized dealers or they can purchase through online. Though you have limited budget, it is better to purchase genuine dental products and some of the manufacturers offer partial payments and some discounts. So you can get right products at right price.

The above information is about differences between the genuine dental equipments and gray market products, and way to prevent the purchasing gray products.