Instructions to Build Green Fishing Lights

Generally, fish are attracted to green and blue lights. Green color light moves deeper into the water than other colored lights. Many people use green fishing light to attract the fish and catch more fish compared to other fishing methods. These lights are used for decorative purpose as well by arranging them around the pools, or ponds.

If you think that purchasing green fishing lights is an expensive thing for you, then you can build such lights on your own. There are some instructions to make the green fishing lights such as:

If you have fishing light or other waterproof light, then use the lens cover or green plastic film to cover the clear bulb in those lights.

Use the rubber band around the plastic film to hold the bulb cover tightly. You need to use waterproof glue to attach the green cover to the bub – if you want permanent green cover to the bulb. If you apply the glue then allow it dry properly.

Later test that green light. If you want to check or test it, then put it into the water. You should be check whether light going through the water is sufficiently green, if not then you repeat above things.

However, there are many companies offering green fishing lights at affordable prices. Contradictory to assumptions of many people, they are often inexpensive.