Listing the Advantages of Barcodes

Barcodes can be termed as a series of vertical bars of varying widths. Each of the digits from zero to nine are to be represented by a different pattern of bars. These are to be read by a laser scanner. The scanner used for reading barcode data is called a barcode scanner. Many types of barcode scanner are present that read different types of data. These include LED scanners, laser scanners, two dimensional barcode scanners etc. A Symbol barcode scanner includes different types of scanners which are in use worldwide.

Having the system of barcodes provides many advantages in many businesses. We will now know some of the benefits.


Reliable and Fast Data Collection:
The data that the barcode scanner could read is about five to seven times faster than that of a skilled typist. The accuracy is also about 10,000 times greater. It has been estimated that the error rate in a barcode data entry has about 1 in 3 million. The work process is also done quickly and data can be tracked precisely. As barcodes are electronic, the information is digitally and automatically tracked. This eliminates the time that must be put by some other person.

Reduced Costs:
The barcode technology is involves a large amount of investment cost. However, it can be quickly repaid. The loss of merchandise is prevented because of the accuracy of the system which leads to cost savings. A fewer workers are needed by the system. This may also reduce the need for employees and typists who record and keep track of the data.

Improved management:
Better Decision Making: It is an important benefit. However, it is hard to measure. The information can be gathered by a barcode system easily. The data collection would become difficult and impossible when some other ways are used. The barcode system can make the work of a manager easy by making fully better decisions. These would in turn affect the improvement of a company or a department.

Accessing the barcode system is also one of the benefits. The quick access by the digital system can be gained into inventory. An inventory can be quickly moved, changed or altered. This may place the companies, a step above the competitors which do not use the barcode system. Any one item from the inventory of thousands of items can be tracked for informational purposes. Also any recorded information can be displayed by the access of barcode system.