Use Glow Invitations for Your Party

You can decorate with glow stick in your party or event in the darkness and you can give the glow accessories as theme gifts to your friends and guests. You can also create a themed glow invitations.

You can make glow invitations easily. They can be emphasized with glow stickers, ink and paint and etc. You can also make a neon and black invitations which will glow in dark. In darkness, glow in the dark products work because they contain phosphors which causes the shine in the night or in the darkness. Now-a-days, individuals are using Strontium Aluminate which is the newest type of phosphor. They will mix this into a plastic and they mold it into all type of toys, watches.

You need to find the glow paint which is made with new longer phosphor, thorough online or it will be available in many stores. You can use this paint to write on your invitations to glow. You can purchase the glow in the dark paint which is invisible or clear in light and use it on your invitations to make funny. Your invitations will be made up in the darkness then you can see what you are writing on the invitations. In order to give a clue for your guests, you can write with regular ink on the front of the invitation to decode the mystery of their blank invitation.

Who ever receives your invitation, they need to hold the invitations under the light for few minutes to charge up the phosphors in the paint for good glow and it will be funny.