Tips to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is a game in which cards are used. Though it is a simple game, one should know about the rules of the game to play this game. There are few tips which supplement to the basic strategy of the blackjack.

Split 7 number cards always against a dealer’s card of equal or lower value.

Split 2 or 3 number cards against the 4, 5, or 6 number cards.

Player can split Aces and 8 number cards, regardless up card of dealer.

One does not split face cards, 10 number cards or 5 number cards.

Player can stand on hard 17 or higher.

Player can hit till he gets 17 or higher, if the dealer has a 10.

Player can hit a soft 17 against the 10 of the dealer.

One can surrender hard 15 if a player is allowed against a dealer’s 10 and 16 or against 9,10 or Ace of dealer.

Player does not take insurance unless he is counting cards.

Player should keep his emotional under control. Player should not blame other players.

A player can always move if other players are upsetting him with playing strategies.

Always, it is better to play on a game by which fewest decks are offered.

There are few combination of rules to look for, which are useful to the player in blackjack game, such as:

  • Player can look for single deck game.
  • Surrender, both early and late in a game.
  • Where double down allowed on any two cards.
  • Where double down allowed after splitting pairs.

These are tips to follow while playing a blackjack game. It better to start the game after being aware about rules of blackjack.