How to Retain the Shine of the Gold Jewelry?

Some other metals like silver and copper are also used in very little quantities for the preparation of gold jewelry. As gold itself is a soft material will not react with the moisture of the air. Besides gold, the other materials which are used in the preparation will react to the moisture and oxygen, and darkens the jewelry.

If we consider the genuine gold i.e., gold which is not mixed with any other metal, it will not tarnish. Alloys which contain higher percentages of gold will never tarnish i.e., the chances of tarnish are very less.

Tips for cleaning gold jewelry:

Cleaning at home:

  • For removing the tarnish: For cleaning the jewelry items which contain gemstones, pearls, and crystals use warm water containing few drops of dish washing liquid and rub the jewelry with a cotton swab. By doing this, the tarnish of the jewelry will be removed.
  • After cleaning the gold jewelry with the warm water, then dry the jewelry with a cotton cloth. Never clean with the paper containing items like tissues, as they scratch the surface of the jewelry.
  • Before planning to store the jewelry items make sure that the jewelry dries off completely. As little moisture can also tarnish the jewelry.
  • Even if the jewelry is looking dull after drying with a cloth, then gently rub the jewelry with a cloth in straight lines instead of circular patterns.
  • For removing the tarnish, use a mild non-phosphate dishwashing liquid instead of using tooth paste or baking soda.

Machine cleaning:
After doing all the procedures, even if the darkness of the jewelry is present, due to the tarnish, machine cleaning should be done, so that the darkness will be removed. Different types of automatic cleaning techniques are used by the jeweller like ultrasonic,ionic etc., for cleaning the jewelry.

Professional polishing: Although after doing all the procedures, even then the gold jewelry does not look shiny, then go for the cleaning by the professional. Using abrasive papers, polishing clothes and different methods, the professional jeweller will clean the jewelry and increases the shine of the jewelry.

Apart from the cleaning methods, storing the jewelry is also needed for making jewelry free from scratches. Store them using a tissue or pack them in a plastic bag which makes the gold jewelry free from tarnish. Always store the gold jewelry in a place which is free from water.

By following the above steps, the gold jewelry always looks shiny as the new one.

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