How Encryption Software is Useful?

With the increase in the development of the technologies, even the security issues also come into picture. Development of the technologies is done in both the ways. It has been used for the growing of the organizations as well as the businesses and also developed for illegal usage.

Inorder to be aware of the security issues, Encryption software is useful. The data found in the files of hard drives, removable media, email messages or the data sent through computer networks is encrypted and decrypted using encryption software.

For protecting the files as well as maintaining the communication, Software encryption is used. In general, the encryption software is a computer algorithm which is designed to encrypt the data without the recovery of the data by the third party.

The encrypted data is only read by the authorized person, who knows how to unlock the data. Generally according to the standards, the encryption must be set. The most famous encryption standards which are used are Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) and Data Encryption Standard(DES). IBM in cooperation with American National Security Agency had developed DES. United States National Institute Of Standards and Technology had chosen this AES.

Based on the data which needs security, encryption software is designed. There are many types of encryption software, some of them are

  • Disk Encryption software: Data present in the disk is encrypted and decrypted using this software and inturn secures the data.
  • File/folder encryption software: Data present in the files or folders are encrypted and decrypted.
  • Communication encryption software: For transmitting the data securely, communication encryption data is used.
  • Database Encryption: Data present in the database is encrypted and decrypted using this encryption.

These are some of the different types of encryption software which are useful.