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Archive for October, 2010

  • 010.28.10Tips for Using Glow Sticks for Safety

    Small glow sticks are used for many purposes like fun and entertainment in many parties. They are also used as toys. Glow sticks are also used for safety, means they are used as safety lights at night. They are plastic tubes which contain a variety of chemicals. Glow sticks produce light due to a reaction […]

  • 010.21.10Tips to Drive on Snow Roads

    You may lose control and it may skid while driving on the snow roads. Without having proper training one can face crash. There are few tips to follow, such as: You should be prepare for driving or to start the journey in winter season. Vehicle should be equipped properly, such as snow tires, other equipments. […]

  • 010.19.10Tips to Choose a Nanny for Teens

    Nannies are appointed by parents to take care of their children, they are also appointed for teenagers as well. Because they need guidance for many things like education, arts, others. For this, parents need to choose one right nanny. There are few tips to choose a nanny for teens, such as: Parents need to search […]

  • 010.14.10Tips to Play Blackjack

    Blackjack is a game in which cards are used. Though it is a simple game, one should know about the rules of the game to play this game. There are few tips which supplement to the basic strategy of the blackjack. Split 7 number cards always against a dealer’s card of equal or lower value. […]

  • 010.12.10How to Retain the Shine of the Gold Jewelry?

    Some other metals like silver and copper are also used in very little quantities for the preparation of gold jewelry. As gold itself is a soft material will not react with the moisture of the air. Besides gold, the other materials which are used in the preparation will react to the moisture and oxygen, and […]