Tips For Selecting Perfumes For Different Occasions And Seasons

According to the season, you will change your clothes. In the same way perfumes must be changed according to the season or else the odor of the perfume will be changed because of the seasonal changes. The main factors on which your selection should be based primarily on cost, season, occasion, and place. The perfume should match the occasion. Use different perfumes for different places and occasions.

Choose according to the season:

  • If it is summer season go for light flowering and citrus scents. Because of high sweat during the summer season the heavy perfumes give a smell which is overpowered by combining with the smell of the perfume.
  • During the autumn season perfumes used should be made from spices like cinnamon.
  • During the peak summer use citrus and synthetic ocean breeze perfumes which make you feel cool and pleasant.
  • During the winter season, musk and spice perfumes are used as in the case of autumn season. Perfumes made of sandalwood can be used. Always choose the heavier scents in the winter season.

Choose According to the occasion:

  • Choose simple and sophisticated with light odor as office wear on everyday. Make sure that the smell should not be the heavier one.
  • Musk and Civet are used for the parties at nights. But the season should be kept in mind.
  • For wedding functions choose floral scents.
  • These can be followed by both men and women but men always choose the high odor ones with above mentioned properties.

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