Reasons for THC drug Test

THC is the major chemical in marijuana and it is primary active ingredient. Euphoric affects are produced by THC chemical when an individual smokes or orally administered. Using Marijuana causes short term memory loss and slow learning skills. Users may feel confusion and anxiety. If any person uses this drug, it causes long term disorders in behavior and other diseases.

Generally, THC drug test is performed to know the usage of Marijuana drug. THC metabolites can be detected by Marijuana drug test also. THC metabolites can be detected by saliva, urine, blood, hair test. There are many reasons for THC drug test. Detection period of the THC drug test depends on the different factors such as duration, frequency and quantity of marijuana taken by the user. If any one is a regular user then, THC metabolites can be found out from 30 to 90 days after consumption of marijuana. Generally, the detection period is from 10 to 14 days to detect the THC metabolites after having drug. Usually, urine test is conducted to know the presence of the THC metabolites, means whether a person has used or not. If one wants to know the amount of the THC is still present body, then blood test is conducted. There are few reasons of THC drug test. Such as:

  • To Screen the Marijuana and other drugs before employment.
  • There is very much importance of testing Marijuana use in people in some sensitive positions like security and army related.
  • This drug test is used as a safety precaution in people who operate heavy machinery or drive vehicles.
  • Generally, random drug test is used in schools, companies and government departments to prevent usage of drug.
  • Employees have to take these drug tests frequently to prove that they are no longer using Marijuana or any drugs.

These are the reasons to conduct the THC drug test. However, drug test has become common in every place like schools, organizations and other places.