Know About the SMS marketing

Short Message Service SMS or text messaging is the most widely used data application among others in the world with more than 2.4 billion active users. SMS marketing is the cheap marketing channel when compared with other marketing channels. Time and location-specific, instantaneous, discrete and spam free are advantages of this.

SMS or text messaging are made available in the year of 1996 and it became more popular, a mass market communication platform and a cultural phenomenon in the 21st century. This service is used by the companies to improve their business. This service is cost effective and it provides the facility to business men to reach the customer with a personal targeted message. So, this service helps to business in customer relationship management.

Convenience and easy use is offered by this text messaging service. A powerful two way instantaneous link can be created by this service between a business and it’s customers then result in growth in business. This service helps to give the information, knowledge and empowerment to customer and customer can understand that supplier is really looking for him or her by SMS marketing. Different uses of SMSes are there, such as notification, emergency advisories, scheduling, news and information and staff collaboration. Successful SMS marketing is about:

  • Telling the right thing.
  • To the right person.
  • At the right time.

The important thing is that a company or organization should get consent before sending messages to the targeted customer. Simple message should be sent to the customers.

Though there are many advantages, there is a limit to use 160 characters in a message, it is a drawback in SMS marketing.