On What Factors Does the Life Span of a Car Depend

Many people will feel free, as soon as the purchase of the car is done. But the main hectic burden starts as of now after the car has been bought. Many problems related to internal parts like mileage problems, engine problems etc., will occur. If the problem occurs once for a while, then in that cases, one can opt it. But there are some cases, where visiting the mechanic becomes a habituated procedure. So, for maintaining the car in a good working condition for so much time, these steps are to be followed.


  • Maintenance: Cars, as they are bought with huge money, they should be maintained carefully. All the parts of the car work on some mechanics, so they might result in breakdown. So, for effective maintenance the car should be sent to the mechanic for at least once for a month or for months. So, always use the car cover for effective maintenance. Using car cover will resist the rust or dirt to be away. Washing, wax , polishing will help in maintaining.
  • Maintenance of the used car: Buy the used car from the dealers, because the dealers always buy the cars which are nicely maintained. If you can afford buying a new car, better go for the new car.
  • Climatic conditions of the dealer: If the dealer is in a coastal area, better to avoid him, because of the sultry nature, the life span of the car may get reduced due to rust.
  • Accidents: Drive the car safely with the average speed to avoid accidents. Although, one cannot expect an accident. If the accident occurs, then take the vehicle to the mechanic, for getting the damage repaired.
  • Utility of the car: Use the car whenever you think that it is absolutely necessary. Don’t let all the members apart from the driver or yourself for driving. The method of driving will also effect the lifespan of the car.
  • Learn to fix your car: People who know to fix their cars, will have their vehicles long lasting. Learning how to fix a car which will also help in effective maintenance of the car.

These are some of the tips which are helpful in long life of the car.