How to Convert the Garage to an Extra Room

Sometimes, the needs of family will increase then you may need extra room for your requirements. You can covert the garage into a extra room when a garage is attached to house. For this room, the main thing is electrical outlets, to use heaters, air conditioners and fans, etc. You can change this room into living area with paint, rugs, furniture, appliances and other appliances. There are some instructions to transform the garage into an extra room.

  • First clear the garage, you keep it empty. And clean the garage. First walls and ceiling or ceiling boards are painted. You can paint, if there are any built in cabinets in that garage. You can start with a fresh coat of paint warm color to transform the room whether they are concrete, block or dry wall. It will dry in 24 hours.
  • Cement floor can be painted with a neutral cement paint. It will dry thoroughly. You can use some large patio rugs on floors, these are cheap and will help to keep the room warm. You can add window coverings with curtains.
  • According to the needs, you can arrange furniture. If you want to change this room into to media room then you can keep the chairs, tables, TV and DVE and other equipments. It you want bedroom then you keep the beds and dresser, etc. you make room cozy by adding lamps, plants, bowls of candy and personal items.

These are instructions to change the garage room into an extra room. This extra room can be bedroom or living room or media room. By this, you can expand your home rooms.