Know About Traits of a Good Nanny

Parents should choose a good nanny who can keep their children happy and healthy among several nannies. First, she should have personal interest to provide care for a child. A good nanny can give a good judgment and she can be conscious always about your children.

Traits of good nannies:
Nannies should have confidence about their capabilities and to communicate with your child. And she should not hesitate to take care of them. She should understand your child’s beliefs and values. She should have some set of values and rules.

  • They should show a genuine interest in your family.
  • Your child should be comfortable with a nanny.
  • Your child should be excited to meet her each day.
  • You should be comfortable by having her in your home.
  • Your child be should be clean and safe.
  • Accidents should be rare.
  • They should be reliable and they should be on time.
  • They should be open to talk and to give feedback.
  • They should communicate everything about your child.
  • They should have flexibility at work.
  • They should not be money minded though money is most important aspect.

Parents should observe her behavior while she interacts with them and with the child. There are many nannies available, but the important thing is parents have to find out good nanny through an interview. First, parent can interview all the members and choose some of them according to their qualities and skills and nature and conduct one more interview. In this, you can select best one by asking some questions.

These are good qualities of a good nanny, so if you search for a nanny then you can consider these things.