Tips to Maintain Jewelry

Wearing jewelry or adorning themselves with the jewelry will be a great feeling for both men and women. But one should take care to make their jewelry shine and last long. Jewelry made up of expensive materials like gemstones, pearls, corals, diamonds etc, as well as imitation jewelry, both require attention and proper maintenance. What ever is the type of your jewelry, Celtic jewelry, antique or unique jewelry or handmade jewelry, everything needs a proper care.

Your jewelry may fade due to the skin oil or dirt from the atmosphere. So you need to cleanyour jewelry regularly to make them shiny, bright and to prevent them from discoloration.

In the case of diamonds, store the diamonds carefully in cloth pouches for preventing them from rubbing with one another. While cleaning them, be careful. Clean them using the soap and water. Then leave it to air and polish them with a soft cloth. Clean the diamond jewelry with a solution of 1 table spoon of ammonia and 1 cup of hot water very quickly. Or clean the diamond using methylated spirit using cotton. Occasionally, brush for removing the dirt. Generally, the jeweler will clean with some ultrasound.

For cleaning the jewelry in which the gem is studded, dip the jewelry in the soapy water with a small amount of ammonia. Then brush the stones with the brush. This will remove the dirt from the gem studded jewelry. Care must be taken for storing this type of jewelry. Every year the gem studded jewelry must be cleaned with the jeweler.

For cleaning the precious metals like gold, silver and the platinum, one should be very careful. While working with the detergents and cleaning powders avoid wearing the costly jewelry. Keep them away from the chemicals. Always store the silver jewelry in cool, dry and dark place. Clean the silver jewelry with soap and water. Always, avoid the polish as it makes fades silver. After cleaning the silver with soap and water then clean it with a soft cloth. Coming to the gold jewelry cleaning, it is also cleaned with the mild detergent soap and water and then it is rubbed with a soft cloth. Even gold can be cleaned with shampoo and the water. To get the shine always immerse the gold in the sugar solution and rub it for increasing its shine.

Even the rubies and sapphires are cleaned just like the diamonds. As all the three stones are the precious stones and all have the same properties in common. For the opals and the turquoise clean them with the water and always wipe them.

So, while cleaning jewelry always use small brushes with soft bristles. So, by using the above cleaning methods one can increase the jewelry’s shine and bright as if they are new ones. Always keep the jewelry in the jewelry box and store them in a cool, dry and dark place.

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