Marijuana’s Effects on College Students

According to the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention, approximately one third of Americans try Marijuana at some point of time in their lives. Marijuana is also called as pot or weed. Marijuana usage leads to many serious consequences. Many serious effects are caused by marijuana use especially on body developing and brains. Already college students are stressed by their parents responsibilities and classes, so they turn for drugs without having proper awareness of harmful effects of Marijuana drug.

Effect on grades: According to Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug prevention, this drug abuse effects the grades and academic achievement in college students. Students who use Marijuana, spend most of their time at parties and they spend less time in their studies. Marijuana using students do not like to spend more than two hours for studies, so they may be in B grade or less. Students who use Marijuana, their ability of concentration is reduced by the effect of Marijuana and then they have to face poor judgment capabilities and reduction in long term memory, so it spoils their future and their career.

It causes risky behavior: Marijuana’s use causes high risky behaviors out of personality tendencies. Most of the students who use Marijuana have the habit of taking alcohol and smoking. So, it causes some sexual behaviors and transmitting diseases. And, they have slow in reaction time. So it risky for students while driving. And there may be some health problems also, such as bronchitis, emphysema and other health problems.

It causes Personality changes: After using Marijuana students experience increased heart rate, dry mouth, blood shot eyes, difficulty in speaking and listening, interrupting class work and social relationships.

There are many adverse affects of Marijuana abuse on college students, it may spoil their future ans as well as career. So, it is better to not to use Marijuana or other drugs.