Know About Features of Saliva Drug Testing

As the usage of the drug has been increasing day-by-day. Many drug testing methods have come into existence for detecting the presence of the drug in the abusers. Commonly used drug tests are the hair test, blood test, sweat test, urine test and also the saliva test. The saliva test is most commonly used for instant detection. Whereas, urine test is used because of the cost effectiveness. Blood test is used for more accurate results. Each and every drug will have its own pros and cons.

Let us consider the features of the Saliva drug testing

  • Employee Dignity: The main feature of Saliva drug testing in an organization is the dignity. This test will make a good impression as the employee dignity is maintained and is less embarrassing when compared to the other tests.
  • Collection of the specimen: A small quantity of saliva is collected and this collection of the sample can be done at any place. For the collection of the sample no special room is needed or else in simple terms no privacy is needed. This test is less invasive when compared with other types of drug tests.
  • Time taken for detection: Once the sample is collected, within 2 to 3 minutes one can get the result. And one can detect the presence of the drug in the saliva for about 20 hours to 1 day after the usage of the drug.
  • Chances Of adulteration: The sample of saliva cannot be adulterated as the sample is collected directly and there are no chances of changing it. Unlike the other test where the samples are collected in privacy, this test has less chances of adulteration.
  • Accuracy: The result of the saliva drug testing is not so accurate when compared with the other types of drugs. Even the risk of false negatives is also high in the saliva drug testing.
  • Cost: The cost of the saliva drug test is less than the costs of sweat, hair, blood drug tests. But, when compared with the urine drug testing the cost is little bit high.

These are the different features of the saliva drug testing. Although the cost is little higher when compared with the urine testing, this is mostly preferred for testing because of the issue of privacy, which is not needed.