Evolution Of Meditation

The meditation is an age old practice which was taught by many great spiritual teachers for betterment and is still continuing till date. In the ancient period, mostly the method of Mantra Meditation was used by Yogi’s. The method of Meditation was the prominent part of the teachings of Gautama Buddha in Buddhism. Even today, Buddhism is a symbol for meditation. Preachings of the Buddhism was spread by the great Indian king Ashoka. As meditation does not belong to any religion or place, it is spreading rapidly all over the world by the efforts of different people. In 20th century mid, the process of meditation got popularity based on the results of scientific researches. Now, the meditation is used to solve various problems. Mostly, it is used as a famous medicine to build confidence,for controlling human emotional feelings, for reducing stress mentally and physically, and relaxes the whole body. There are different types of meditation, but mostly sitting posture and observing the breath or thought is used. People are getting attracted to meditation because of the features like low cost, less time purpose.