10 Simple Tips for Improvement of Self Productivity

Every person focuses mainly on improving productivity at work place. A person grow in his life when there is increase in productivity.The self-productivity depends on the person’s activities, mental conditions. When one will follow few systematic measurements, he or she can achieve productivity in less time. Few tips for self-improvement are:

  1. Control over thoughts in working place. If a person focuses on work other than thoughts, the work becomes very simple.
  2. Mention your aims or goals in a book. It is also importantto mention the things which are on priority, and also the pending works.
  3. Prepare a strategy plan. It helps in acheiving the target in a fixed time.
  4. After the plan is made, it should be divided into small parts. This will help in completing the tasks in shorter period of time.
  5. The attitude of postponing or escapism should be removed.
  6. Identify your strengths and drawbacks in your work. This will help you in increasing self-productivity by concentrating on your drawbacks and improving your strengths.

Systematic planning and ideal thoughts help in increasing self-productivity.