Signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse

Alcohol is a result of fermentation of fruits, grains, vegetables. Yeast or bacteria are used to change the sugar in the food into alcohol in the process of fermentation. To produce many necessary items like cheese to medications, the fermentation is used.

Common signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse:

  • Repeatedly neglecting responsibilities: At work or school, home, neglecting responsibilities because of drinking. Suppose flunking classes, poor performance at work, skipping out on commitments, neglecting kids due to hangover.
  • Using alcohol, physically dangerous: While intoxicated operating machinery, drinking and driving, with prescription medication mixing alcohol against doctors orders.
  • Legal problems: suppose, getting arrested because of driving after drinking.
  • Continue to drink: Though taking alcohol is causing to create problems in the relationship, continue to drink.

Serious health complications can be caused by long term alcohol, every organ of body is affected by alcohol, including brain. Emotional stability, financial stability, career are affected by this drinking habit. There is no stop for this. I has an impact on family, friends, the people with whom they work, community in which live in.