Frequently Asked Questions About Saliva-Drug Test

Saliva-Drug test is one of the drug tests used for detecting presence of drugs in saliva. Generally, this test is preferable type of drug test. The popularity of saliva drug test is growing because of its advantages. There are so many drug tests like hair follicle test, blood test, urine test.

Such tests are used by employers, government agencies, athletic organizations and medical personnel to detect the drugs in blood or body. There are two major issues such as accuracy and privacy in every drug test. There are some frequently asked questions about saliva-Drug test, such as:

Why is saliva-Drug test used?
This saliva-Drug test is used to detect the presence of various drugs. This test is used by employers for screening purposes and for post accident drug testing. Means, if any accident occurs then this test used to detect the presence of drug in the saliva, as it gives instant results.

What drugs can be detected by saliva drug test?
Most illegal drugs can be detected by Saliva-Drug test, such as: Methamphetamine, opiates, THC, cocaine, amphetamines and phencyclidine.

What are the advantages of saliva drug test?
It provides instant results, and it cannot be adulterated, as this test is conducted under direct supervision.

What are the disadvantages of Saliva-Drug test?
Saliva-Drug test can detect only the recent drug abuse i.e., it can detect the presence of drug within 24 hours of consumption of drugs and it cannot detect the historical drug use. There are no standards that regulate drug levels for Saliva drug testing.

These are the frequently asked questions about saliva-Drug test. Though, there are some disadvantages, this test has become popular.