How to Prevent Marijuana Abuse Among Children?

It is proper communication and awareness by parents, that keep their children away from abusing drugs.

Parents have to participate actively in children’ lives. Future drug use can be reduced with appropriate monitoring by parents; this was also proved in a research. Suppose if a child has tendency to marijuana use, he may not control the emotions and may get internal distress. It is important to conduct and involve children in drug prevention programs to make them aware of drug abuse in your area at your communities or schools of your children.

Talk about marijuana abuse with your children:
Children stage is crucial point for learning, building foundation in their lives. So parents should help their children in making decisions and give guidance in working out problems. They should give a suggestion not to use the drugs. They should explain the effects of the drugs and an extensive collection of the publications, videotapes, educational materials are offered by NIDA, parents can introduce them, these will help the children to educate about drug abuse. There are even so many resources to get information about drug abuse like local library and community service organization.

Parents should influence the children to take the decision to not to take marijuana’s and other drugs. This will help the children to be far away from drug use.