Steps Involved In Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking system monitors and controls the operators and even the assets for effective performance. Vehicle tracking system uses both the hardware and software for tracking the vehicles. In order to use them, the following steps are involved:

  • Capturing of data: It is the first and the foremost step in tracking the vehicle. Data is captured through an automated vehicle unit. This unit uses either GPS or other technologies to determine the location of the vehicle. It is being installed in the vehicle and is given connection to all other devices. Various sensors are used for detecting the vehicle.
  • Storage of data: There is a memory in the automated vehicle unit which is used for storing the captured data.
  • Transfer of Data: The stored data is transferred to the server by using a mobile network or by connecting a vehicle mount to the computer or the software system
  • Analysis of Data: Analysis of the data is being done using software application or the Global positioning system which is used for finding out the location of the vehicle.

These are the steps which are being followed for the effective vehicle tracking systems.